Dancing Master's Kit / Pochette, 2016

Body made from one piece of hollowed out Maple with a Spruce belly.  Full scale length and tuned as modern Violin.  Linseed oil / Pine Resin Varnish.

Larch Bow made to fit the instrument with clip-in Cherry frog.

Photos by Michael Kofler - www.dasfoto.org

Baroque Violin, 2015

Birds-eye Maple back and ribs, Spruce soundboard and Apple wood neck with carved Lion head.  Fingerboard and Tailpiece both Apple with a Snakewood veneer.  Pegs are from Plum with bone pips and nut.  Linseed Oil / Pine Resin Varnish with natural pigments.

Photos by www.ellenbroughton.co.uk

Baroque Violin, 2014

Maple Back, Ribs & Spruce belly all from the Hallstatt region of Austria.  Linseed Oil / Pine Resin Varnish with natural Madder root pigment.

Photo by www.ellenbroughton.co.uk

Violin, 2013

Maple with a Spruce belly. Boxwood fittings. Linseed Oil / Pine Resin Varnish with natural Pigments.

Photos by Michael Kofler - www.dasfoto.org

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