7/7 Viola d'amore, 2017

Flamed Maple Back & Ribs. Plain Maple neck with carved blindfolded cupids head.

Spruce Soundboard with Apple wood Rosette and 'flame' sound holes. Ebony veneered fingerboard and Tailpiece. Boxwood pegs with bone pips.

Linseed Oil & Pine Resin Varnish.

Plain & Silverwound gut playing strings. Brass, copper wound and iron sympathetics.

Photos by www.ellenbroughton.co.uk

Viola d'amore, 2012

Maple Back and Ribs, Service wood Neck with head and decorative carving, Spruce soundboard.  Fingerboard & Tailpiece with ebony veneer, and pegs from solid ebony. Linseed Oil / Pine Resin Varnish.

7/7 (Sympathetic) Strings, String Length: 34.5cm

Based on an instrument by Jean Nicolas Lambert, Paris, 1772

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