"Through a study of traditional craft practices, I am inspired to create artistically rich and beautiful sounding instruments that reflect the depth of craft knowledge seen on old instruments."

I have an extensive practical knowledge of early stringed instrument building and specialise in the making of instruments from the Viol & Violin families, as well as traditional decorative techniques.

I take my inspiration from original instruments, which I study in order to learn about the methods of construction and decorative techniques used, and I use this knowledge when building new instruments.

I have measured and built numerous 'Violas d'amore' and I am a specialist in the area of baroque and early instrument set-up.

I trained in Early Stringed Instrument Making at West Dean College where I passed with Distinction, before working as Violin maker for Roger Hansell Violins. I then worked in instrument making workshops across Europe and in 2016 was awarded with a 'Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship' where I travelled to Istanbul and worked in the workshop of Mustafa Copcuoglu, world renowned maker of the Turkish Oud. Download my Fellowship report here.

In 2019 I was awarded a 'Golsoncott Foundation' bursary towards a studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford, South East London, where my business is now based, and I also teach Instrument Making/Historic Craft Practice at West Dean College in Sussex.

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