Maker of Viola da gamba, Viola d’amore and Violin family instruments.

I trained in Baroque/Early instrument making with Shem Mackey and Roger Rose at West Dean College, U.K. where I passed with Distinction.
 I then worked as Violin maker under the direction of Roger Hansell in Yorkshire, making modern concert Violin family instruments for professional musicians.

In 2013 I went freelance and worked in a number of workshops across Europe with other makers including Nupi Jenner in Vienna & Renate Fink in Germany.

In 2016 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship where I travelled to Istanbul and spent some time working in the workshop of renowned Oud maker, Mustafa Copçuoğlu. Immersed in the musical life of the city, I gained a deeper insight into the cross cultural development of musical instruments as well as construction techniques relevant to my work as a period instrument maker.  In Istanbul I also worked alongside Murat Yerden, a maker of the Turkish classical Kemençe, a traditional bowed instrument from the Persian & Greek region.

I’m now based in Ramsgate, U.K. where I focus on making fine period instruments directly inspired by original examples, whilst also teaching instrument making at West Dean College in Sussex.

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